Reclaim your power in 10 weeks!

The SRx MOVE FORWARD MASTERCLASS is a course for empathetic souls who feel stuck, burnt out, and frustrated. 

Our masterclass offering is a 10-week course to help you gain clarity, confidence and courage. 

Want to know if our Move Forward Masterclass is for you?

Have you google searched what was "wrong" with you?

Are you tired of the start stop fitness cycle?

Are you exhausted from giving to everyone but yourself?

Are your relationships so one-sided it's exhausting? 

Are you unsure of what comes next and what you want in your life?


 Get unstuck and start enjoying your life in just 10 weeks! 

Email to get started:

life coach



  • 10 Weekly, 90 minute coaching sessions to improve mindset & mental health

  • Over 20+ supplemental videos to guide you through your course book

  • Email support and support coaches

  • Private group portal and syllabus

  • Hard copy of your course book

  • Three month EPIC membership to livestream classes

  • Unlimited On-demand Access

  • Weekly workout plans

  • Enrollment in self-paced Meditation Course

  • Private Facebook group 


  • Feel strong and confident in your body

  • Make consistent and long lasting healthy choices

  • Build an effective workout routine & meditation practice

  • Get new tools to manage frustrating relationships, work environments and limiting beliefs

  • Build confidence saying no to the BS and YES to you

  • Design a powerful and consistent self-care plan

  • Detach from things that no longer serve you


Why does this course work?


Well, I spent 20 years of my life struggling, angry, anxious, depressed and un-fuxking-happy and condensed it to something USEFUL so you do not have to spend decades being miserable and struggling to fix it. 

This course is a way to help YOU when you need it the most


I have taken the self-help books I read, the CBT and DBT strategies I learned, the life coaches who took my money, the downward spirals, the prescribed meds, the group therapy, the heartbreak, the loss, the pain, the years spent in wellness and as a professional educator and condensed into one private, 

independent and effective course to help you out of your toxic cycle and into the life that you want!

When I say I got you, I mean it. And I can't wait to open enrollment for this platform for you!


Founder, Sweat Remix and SRx coaching

Sweat Remix Founder Angela

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