Are you tired of giving to everyone but yourself?

Are your relationships so one-sided its exhausting? 

Are you unsure of what comes next and what you want in your life?


The SRx Mastermind group and our self-directed course The Transformative Guide to Becoming Epic gives YOU access to the #ZENRAGEHEAL process and permission to be brave, vulnerable and authentic so you can identify the value and worth you bring into the world.

We got this.


Course begins Oct 7th


The SRx Coaching Platform is a Mastermind group for anti-Beckys and truth seekers who want more out of life. 

Our Platform is an independent and self-paced 10-week course ​for you to manage your anxiety, free yourself of toxic thoughts and find direction in your life.

What ya get:

  • Over 20+ videos to guide you through your course book

  • Downloadable workbook

  • Monthly ZOOM workshops

  • Private Facebook group 


So you can:

  • Shift toxic patterns in your life

  • Identify Core Values

  • Design a powerful self-care plan

  • Detach from things that no longer serve you

  • Create your powerful purpose


Why does this course work?


Well, I spent 20 years of my life struggling, angry, anxious, depressed and un-fuxking-happy and condensed it to something USEFUL so you do not have to spend decades being miserable and struggling to fix it. 

This course is a way to help YOU when you need it the most


I have taken the self-help books I read, the CBT and DBT strategies I learned, the life coaches who took my money, the downward spirals, the prescribed meds, the group therapy, the heartbreak, the loss, the pain, the years spent in wellness and as a professional educator and condensed into one private, 

independent and effective course to help you out of your toxic cycle and into the life that you want!

When I say I got you, I mean it. And I can't wait to open enrollment for this platform on SEPT 30!


Founder, Sweat Remix and SRx coaching

Anna, 27

This class is not just a workout. It is a fitness experience where mind-body connection intersects with team/tribe vibes through #zenrageheal. It's as if you've all shown up to battle together, you're going to work and sweat and hurt and grow together. It's easier to believe you can do more, push harder, when there are 15 other people showing up for themselves and pushing themselves too. Showing up for myself during #Zen has translated into so many other aspects of my life. I feel more content walking away from the things and relationships that do not serve me, because I know I can show up for myself.I have walked away from toxic friends, I have chosen to prioritize my own needs without guilt.

Steffany, 24

It’s hard to fully convey what Angela has done for my life. This woman has guided me through both major losses of my father and mother. Most of us are fortunate to have friends and family that are there for us in our times of extreme pain but it takes a special type of person to give you space and permission to not only feel that pain but to make something from it. Making something from moments that shake and turn our world upside down sounds like bullshit, but it’s possible, she proved to me I could do it. Angela empowered me to truly feel my emotions, I always had this habit of distracting and filling my plate so I didn’t have to sit with and process my pain. I’ve come to learn when we process and feel our pain it gives us space for more out of life. Numbing ourselves and trying to “move on” from our anger, grief, and uncertainty is futile because you never really “move on” but we can sure as hell face it head on and become better, stronger versions of ourselves. 

Ashley, 30

I started taking class at an extremely sad, stressful, and pivotal time in my life, and SRx has seen me through it all. Angela and her process have helped me rage out my frustrations and then calm my mind to face dealing with and subsequently quitting my toxic job, finding a new job, two moves, the ending of a long term relationship, and the beginning of the best relationship I've ever been in. Any time any of these stressors got to me, I would look forward to the 45 minutes where I could work it all out..I'm allowing myself to dig deeper, both in class and outside, and really investigate what I feel and why I feel it. I've gotten a lot better and self evaluation, and figuring out what serves me and what doesn't. This #zenrageheal process is EPIC.