Intrinsically motivated and genuinely caring about the needs of their students and ensuring the wellbeing of further generations, teachers are overloaded with tasks and todo lists that stem beyond the regular classroom schedule. are often left depleted, without thanks and vilified  for the ongoing systemic problems of education. With an overload plate, finding time to take care of the self and truly check in, putting their life mask on first, falls by the wayside. And teachers are doing the most important work by pouring from an empty cup. 

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A holistic 45 minute wellness class that focuses on movement of the body, mind and spirit. Our #ZenRageHeal process incorporates three dimensions of wellness: breathing, moving and finding meaning though meditation and mindful fitness and build strength and a connection to the self.

Our program provides tools and opportunities for building strength, endurance, flexibility and health while promoting positive outlets from the work environment, building a workplace community, and translating it directly to 21st century educational learning objectives for the classroom.  

For Your Whole School 

All of our classes follow the #ZenRageHeal process. We begin each class with breathing and intention setting. Each workout is for all fitness levels and abilities: we love intervals so you can move at your own pace. Leave class feeling connected and grounded with a guided meditation. 


Each class favors moving intentionally and breaking down the barriers that stand between you and your best self. 

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A True Wellness community designed to meet the needs of educators, their schedules and connect! 

We are all virtual, all levels and in true teach style: we can make fitness work in any space with any equipment

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The burn out from constantly giving does not yield much space for your own life mask to be put on first. It's no wonder that teacher self-care lands in the garbage just as fast as a lunch tray.


As a veteran teacher in Boston Public Schools, I understand the demands of education professionals and the needs of their students. For over a decade, I was dedicated in English, ESL and Humanities classrooms and with leadership roles as mentor teacher, club advisor and  athletic coach for girls basketball and soccer, incorporating creative opportunities for movement, team building practices and connectivity between mind, body and academics. 

Having been in this profession and even still identifying as a teacher and community builder, I am here to use my skills out side of the classroom and give every teacher a space to decompress, to feel human and remind themselves of how important they are, not just in the role they play in the classroom, but as a whole, fully, beautiful human.

Come roll with us. We got you and as always, you matter.



Founder, Sweat Remix

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