... It's the ultimate life Xperience.



Sweat Remix is a mindful fitness brand for the mind, body and soul. This 45-minute class remixes heart pumping HIIT and soul feeding meditation. 


We embrace being a WHOLE person, being both a warrior and healer, hard and soft, zen and rage. Being a whole person means we can show up in the world wholeheartedly, intentionally, purposefully. 


With Sweat Remix, we move mindfully embrace challenges, face vulnerability fearlessly, and activate the best version of ourself. 

Our #ZENRAGEHEAL process goes beyond crushing a fitness class and adds an opportunity for a mind, body and soul connection with our courses and dope community.

Providing the Tools You Need for Emotional Growth.

The #ZenRageHeal process is designed to help you move through what is challenging both in and out of class, giving you opportunity to be brave, vulnerable and authentic so you can identify the value and worth you bring into the world.

You have permission to BE EPIC.

We got this.

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Boss Woman

Changing the game

Meet Angela Gentile, founder and creator of the Sweat Remix brand, class and community and The Inner Compass Coaching Program.


 No stranger to pain, struggle and feeling stuck, the genesis of this vision came from being at a dead end job, unsuccessful relationships and the death of her dad. 

She needed healing and realized, we all do. She knows we only get one life to live and vows to live a life full of joy, peace, happiness and connection. We deserve permission to show up in the world as a full, whole version of our self.


Using her credentials in education, as a coach and life long athlete: enter a way to change the game and look at fitness as the entry point for us to make sustainable change in our life from within. 

"Live the HELL outta your life!"